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Mind, Body & Breath

Life can be challenging and there are times when we simply need to stop, reset and recharge.  The benefits of incorporating a regular yoga practice into your daily routine include; creating mental clarity and calmness, increasing body awareness, center and focus the mind as well as relieving chronic stress patterns. 
Offering personalized 1:1 yoga sessions that are tailored to your own individualized needs.
No more uncomfortable, awkward feeling crowded gyms or yoga studios. Get the 1:1 attention that you deserve in the comfort of your own home. Reach out today to begin your journey of health and healing.

Cute Couple

Relationship Coach

As a Life Coach, I Specialize in Relationship Coaching. Helping individuals build self-awareness, as well as the skills to communicate effectively in order to maintain a healthy, happy relationship. Relationships take work, although things should not feel forced, nor should you be building on false pretense or feelings. I will work with you to first and foremost find yourself,  and dig deep into who you truly are as a person. 

Relationships cannot be maintained solely "for the kids", nor can they be held together based on the amount of time you have spent with an individual. All of the factors that hold a relationship together need to be in place. If you have unresolved issues that were brought into a relationship, then you have to face those issues head on before a relationship can be on the road to being healthy and satisfying. 

As my specialty, I will provide you the tools to locate the underlying issues and help you build and grow as an individual and/or as a couple.