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How will I know if Life Coaching is right for me?

You will know once you have gone through all of the avenues of ruling out the possibility of any mental health issues. Life coaching IS NOT therapy, therefore you should see your doctor first to rule out any underlying conditions that may be affecting your overall mental health. If you still feel lost, confused, anxious or sad and in need of guidance and natural healthy solutions, then give life-coaching a try.

What if I have never practiced yoga?

Just remember that yoga is for EVERY body. It doesn't matter if you've never practiced a day in your life, you WILL feel the difference. From kids, to seniors or persons with disabilities, we ALL can benefit from incorporating a daily yoga routine to help with overall health, wellness, mobility & strength. 
*Note- be sure to check with your doctor if you have any underlying health conditions that may affect your ability to practice.

What if I am not satisfied with the services?

This service is completely voluntary. Either party is free to terminate services at any time. Services are paid prior to each weekly session so a one week courtesy notice is all that is needed to end the coaching relationship.

Are there any benefits for first-time customers?

As a new customer you will have 30 minutes risk free to connect and have all of your questions answered prior to signing up for weekly sessions. You will also be provided with peace of mind knowing that Teresa Lopez is certified 200 Hours YTT and insured for my yoga practice.

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