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Change your thinking...

It's already June... halfway through this difficult year. It's best to try and remain in a "glass half full" mind frame if you want to be able to remain focused through all of the madness. Remember to take time out of your day to just breathhhh. Put down your phones... turn off the news... and take a moment to center and ground yourself. If you've never tried meditation, I truly believe that this would be a good time to learn something new. Find yourself a quiet spot to yourself. Give yourself 5-10 minutes to clear your mind and your train of thought. This is an excellent way to refocus on the important things in your life. Time to be thankful for all that is RIGHT in your life right now. Be thankful for good health... 4 walls... healthy family members... the ability to think and feel...

Now that you are Focused and centered, how do you want to make the next 6 months of this year count? Get yourself out of the rut of being routine. Routines and comfort, tend to equal lack of growth and complacency. When we get to this point in our lives, it can start to bring you down. Remember to always begin your days with gratitude. Wake up and make that first thought in the morning thoughts of what you are thankful for in life. Remember if you begin your day with negative thoughts, that will pave the way to how your days will actually be.... filled with negativity. Make that change in your life starting NOW. Think about what you can do to bring positive energy into your own life and into the world around you.

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