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We are living in uncertain times. None of us have ever gone through anything of this magnitude in our lifetime. Simple things that we may have taken for granted like “watching the news” for quick updates on world events, doing our 9-5’s, kids in school, and simply taking a deep breath at the end of the day knowing that tomorrow will bring the same life routine. All of our mental health has been affected in one way or another. Life may feel overwhelmingly stressful because things may feel as if they are no longer in our control.

Most don’t realize that the frustration you may feel is coming from not having total control of your own life at the moment. Simple trips to the grocery store now come with thoughts of “protection” and “uncertainty”. With all that is going on, holding in our frustrations could lead to the feeling of explosiveness. Before you get to that point, please reach out for support.

I am here for all who need a listening ear and some direction, in these times of uncertainty.

Through the upcoming Holiday Season, I continue to offer your first session FREE. Thereafter, you can have my weekly support for only $40.00 per session. For the price of a weeks-worth of your favorite coffee, you will have a safe place to vent your frustrations and be provided with the healthy support system that we all need in our lives.

Reach out today for the support that you deserve

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