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Holiday Stress

The holidays... this time of year can be a time of happiness. Although, for a lot of people can be the start of remembering the past, sadness, emptiness and stress. This year in particular may feel particularly difficult layered with the reality of the Pandemic. With that being said, I want to talk about always finding the good in bad situations. People are so used to the hustle and bustle of the holidays with black friday excitement, travel and preparing for those holiday gatherings that we forget what the holidays are supposed to be about. Simply being thankful for life and for the people who are around you.

My first tip this holiday season is to begin focusing on creating new traditions. whether you are alone or in a relationship there are a lot of ways that can make the holidays feel brighter and more joyess again. If you are single, make it a goal to not isolate yourself during this time of year. Reach out to friends, video chat, text, call... anything that will keep you connected. If you are in a relationship be sure to avoid stressing over material things. Things come and go, but truly feeling connected to your partner aside from the material things is a feeling that can't be bought. If you are a family with children, stop making the holidays about material possessions. Teach your children that this time of year is about family. Create traditions such as cooking together, singing together, creating a storytime together, playing sports together... anything that will bring you closer as a family, do it TOGETHER. If you are an older couple be sure to step out of the box that you likely created in your years of raising a family. Create new traditions that will lead to feeling closer as a couple. Whether it's finding your favorite restaurant to support during the holidays, video chatting with friends, finding a new hobby, whatever it may be. Do what makes YOU happy. Do not allow society dictate your own happiness. Happy Holidays to everyone. Stay Blessed!

If you need someone to chat with this holiday season, be sure and reach out to schedule your FREE session today.

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