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Managing Stress

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

The world today as we know it has caused added stress to an already stressful world. How do you manage life when you are feeling that you cannot control your current situation? It's true that feelings of helplessness can cause added stress to your life and give you added feelings of anxiety and/or depression. How do we gain the feeling of control back in our lives when the world seems to be falling apart around us? Well when people start to feel the feelings of stress, anxiousness, feeling fearful and such we tend to just try and ignore those feelings and hope they go away. Society tends to live life on auto-pilot... feeling as if we ignore whats going on around us, bad things wont affect us. Well that's not exactly how it works. When you ignore your problems or stresses, believe me they will not just magically disappear from your life. What you do need to do is manage the things you can in life in order to gain back that feeling of control. If the Pandemic going on is running through your mind due to the endless news surrounding it... then it's time to disconnect for a while. Turn off the news, get off social media and go for a walk, listen to music that makes you feel good, read a book... whatever it is that gives you that natural good feeling, do it! Stop with the endless online scrolling. Managing stress can be tricky when so much is going on in the world. It's tricky, but its possible. When you get back to the simple things in life that bring you joy. Stop focusing on all that's going wrong in your life and start breathing in all that's going right. You're alive, you're healthy and that's all that really matters sometimes.

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