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New Year, Lessons Learned?

The start of a brand new year. After getting through the year we all just had, where would you say you are today? If 2020 has taught us anything its not to take anything in our lives for granted. Most of us were stuck in our normal "routines" in life and the pandemic hit and put the entire world on pause. With all of the bad that the previous year has brought us, I want to take a minute to talk about the good.

One thing that I know 2020 did for everyone would be that it took us all off our pedestals. No matter what your gender, race or socioeconomic status may be, you have been affected by the pandemic. None of us are invincible and now for those who may have thought you were in total control of your life, 2020 proved you wrong. The pandemic taught you that things can change in an instant, no matter who you are.

So now that you are humbled, what are you going to do to bring a little focus back into your life? At this point everyone wants life to go back to "normal", but what exactly does that even mean? Instead of obsessing on the point that you may want your life back to the point of feeling control again, sadly things are shifting in this world and it may be time shift your purpose by working on a new normal. If you feel as if your life is on hold, I'm definately speaking to you.

We all have to remember that this life is going to be filled with lessons. Daily lessons will continue and its up to you as to whether you're continually learning from these lessons or if you're going to stay stuck. If you feel that your life is at the point of confusion then you are not listening to the lessons that life is teaching you. So what now? Where will you begin to get your life back on track? Creating goals, getting rid of whatevers toxic in your life and actually putting some work in to make your goals a reality is a start.

You have to make a change for the better if you want things to actually start changing in your life. If you find that you are attracting the same type of people, or you are not satisfied with your job or you've been laid off and unsure what direction to go in then start making a plan today. I'm here to let you know that this is the time for actual change. Change is a scary thing but it is necessary to continually build yourself as a person.

If you've never felt the fear of change, then you've probably stayed stuck in the life that you've been dealt. Instead of actually living life the the fullest, your allowing life to control you. Complaining about things won't change your circumstances one bit. Putting focus into YOU is the ONLY way to speak words into existence. No resolutions this year... Just make the moves you need to make and create the life you invision.

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