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Relationship Facts

Let's face it, sometimes relationships can be a struggle. Sometimes the struggles can be managed and sometimes we need to remove ourselves from situations because things are to the point of no return. Most of us pinpoint relationship problems by pointing out the problems in our partners. Instead of beginning with pinpointing the problems within ourselves. We have to remember that relationships can be tough at times, but they should not remain turbulent. If you find yourself spending more time pointing out the wrong in your partner, rather then seeing whats right in them, then maybe it's time to stop and focus on our selves for a minute.

I want to start off by saying, DO NOT I repeat DO NOT base your current relationship on past relationships, your parents relationship or your grandparents relationship. Most of what we go through in life is trial and error. So if you've gone through domestic violence in the past, don't automatically assume that this is how relationships are going to be. If you witnessed your mother or grandmother stick with their husbands "for the kids", no matter how awful their partners were please do not use this as a basis for how you manage your own relationships. If you want to end the dysfunction and toxicity then you have to learn from the past instead of repeating it.

It's human nature to immediately try and point out other peoples faults, instead of looking within to figure out what makes us tick. No one in this world is perfect, so get yourself out of that mindset of feeling above another human being. We all have our own unique set of issues and it's a daily struggle to manage those issues and to learn how to just BE happy with the people that we have chosen to be in our lives. So, how do we know if the problems that are going on in our relationships are happening because of someone elses behaviors, or your own? First off, remember the only thing we can control in life is our self. If another persons behavior is causing you unnecessary stress or grief, then you need to take a step back from your relationship and ask yourself why? Why are you allowing any other person on this earth to make you feel less than?

Once you've taken a step back from the constants in your life, you will then be able to understand where your problems lie. If you're constantly feeling upset, mad, angry, hurt or indifferent, then just know that this is not a feeling of love or of life long committment. Love doesn't hold on to any of these feelings. Love is the feeling of peace and content. Love isn't about the material things that life has to offer, its about holding a place in someones heart and knowing that no matter what happens that person will be "the one" you can always turn to in life. So if you are trying to force that feeling, just know that temporary flutter will eventually burn out. True love never gets old, boring or angry enough to walk away. These are relationship facts that will carry you through a lifetime of love and happiness.

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