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Stop Living Life for Others

In my career and in my time with supporting others throughout the years. I've noticed a trend when it comes to women in general. We generally spend most of our lives pleasing others, and completely forgetting the most important person in that equation and that's YOURSELF. If life for you feels sort of like a hampster on a wheel.... continually working hard to progress in life but feeling as if you are getting absolutely nowhere fast. If this is the case then it may be time to refocus and start putting some of that energy into your own well-being.

Throughout the years, I've found that most of us have this one thing in common. We feel that it is our lives duty to be sure that everyone around us is okay, completely forgetting to take time out for some "ME" time. Whether you are single, in a relationship, have children or maybe you are caring for your elders. No matter what your situation, there is no excuse to ignore your own well-being.

We spend so much time, doing what we feel is best in the eyes of society, our families, our friends and we forget that the only one living in your own skin is YOU. Just because your family or friends feel a certain way and may "think" that they know what's best for you, you will always be the only person that knows what's best for you. This doesn't mean that others don't have your best interest at heart. It just means that you cannot live your life based on the expectations of others around you.

Life will always be trial and error. You will make mistakes in life and hopefully you will learn from those mistakes. People will not be able to "save" you from making mistakes in life. If you're lucky, you have a mentor in your life that can provide you with the consequences of making bad choices for yourself. In reality, most of us make plans for our life, work on those plans and if things don't turn out quite like we planned, we live through our choices and move on.

So ladies, stop trying to prove to the world that you are the worlds best mother, wife, daughter, friend and just BE a good person. Stop putting 100% of yourself into your career, your relationships, your families because in the end lets stop and do the math. If you find that you are giving 100% of you to every one and everything around you then whats left to give to yourself? ZERO. This is the first item that we touch on in my weekly sessions. How to begin loving YOU first. Most of the time it takes some unlearning to do. Some behaviors take some time to adjust your thinking, but in time you will see that once you learn that pleasing others might be literally bringing you down, then that's when you begin to work on ways to stop focusing on the world around you and start making yourself the center of your own world.

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