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Stop Normalizing Toxic Behaviors!

Being Angry Daily= is NOT normal.

Feeling Resentment Daily= is NOT normal.

Screaming, Yelling, Arguing and/or pleading with someone to get them to "Act Right" or "Communicate"= is NOT Normal.

Pleading for someone to change their ways= is NOT normal.

Trying to Force a connection= is NOT normal.

Pointless arguments and/or continuous daily nagging= is NOT normal.

Feeling immediately attached to someone because of physical intimacy= is NOT normal.

STOP trying to Normalize Toxic traits and dysfunctional ways of communicating. We need to see this for what it truly is. It's a vicious cycle that only you can admit to, pinpoint and stop. Once you've identified these types of behaviors, this is the point where you bring the focus back to what's actually causing these behaviors. Identifying the unhealthy ways of communicating and being is the first step that's needed, in order to be on your way to maintaining a happy, healthy, functional relationship.

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