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Stop Seeking Validation

Living life based on the thoughts and feelings of others around us. This is what I've seen alot of women do throughout the years. We've all been left feeling lost, confused and afraid of the path that our lives are taking so we reach out to others with these feelings. Why do we do this? Do we really think that our "friends or family" know what is best for OUR lives? No one knows whats best for you, better than you. So stop seeking validation from others and start building your own path in this life.

When you live your life focused on the words of others, this is where the "what if's" start to take over. You will find yourself questioning your sanity to the point of making life feel even more confusing. Where your world begins to feel chaotic, which is never a good place to be. If you're feeling confused about where you are in life, I want to share some of the things that you can stop doing today.

First, STOP running to post your feelings or problems on social media. This does nothing to help you in the real world. People love watching chaos in other peoples lives, so don't allow your life to be a topic of discussion for others. Next, STOP discussing your problems over drinks with friends. People have their own problems, so it's likely they will have their 2 cents to provide that will be of zero value for your own life. Friends, although they usually have the best intentions will be quick to throw in their own issues into any "advice" that comes your way. Lastly, STOP running to family to vent your frustrations or problems to. Remember misery loves company and most will unknowingly remain negative and only add additional negativity into your situation.

Clearing the Confusion in your own life will take time. Time for YOU to create your own well thought out plan and follow up with action on your part. Guidance is what it takes to get out of a dark place. There will never be any magical words from people on the outside looking in that will ever help turn YOUR life around. Changing your thinking will always be the key. No one will ever know what's best for you better than YOU. Start doing what's right for your own life. Get off of social media, stop venting to friends and family and find your way in this world. Whether that means reaching out for professional help (ie: counseling, coaching or merely reading a self-help book). This is where taking your own life back begins.

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