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Take a Moment....

What have you done for yourself today? If all you remember doing is taking care of others, the household, your job, etc then it's time to take a moment to just breathe. We've all been extremely stressed, busy, worried, what have you. It's been a world wind of emotions and taking time out is absolutely necessary for mental clarity and focus. If you're feeling burned out it's time to stop or your body will stop with or without your assistance.

For myself, I've taken these past couple of through the pandemic to get to really know myself. I've spent so much of my life taking care of others, that when the pandemic hit and stopped the entire world I didn't realize how much I've been neglecting ME. Being in this line of work, it's easy to forget to "practice what you preach". When everything shut down, I think my mind and body started shutting down with it. I finally had a chance just like everyone else to take a long hard look at myself. For the first time in my life in a long time I wasn't trying to support someone other than myself. I too finally realized that my body needed rest. So for these past couple of years I continued to work as needed but I started "practicing what I was preaching".

Taking time out of our days to reset our mind, body & breath is absolutely necessary in order to live a balanced & centered healthy life. You have to allow your mind as well as your body to stop and rest. No matter what your responsibilities are in life. If you haven't taken the time out to fill your own cup than you will be on the path to extreme burnout that could have been avoided simply by taking care of YOU first. We all need that reminder in life so I'm here tonight on this June 20th, 2022... Reminding you to take time out today for you!

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