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The "Me" mentality

Well we are on our way to spring forward... let this be the time that you Spring into a new mindset. A lot of women get into relationships with certain expectations of others and forgetting the simple fact that relationships take two. We've all heard it a million times over that relationships are give and take. This fact is definately true and does play an important part on how cohesively you mesh with the partner that you have chosen to share your life with.

Women tend to go through life with this mental image of who our perfect partner in life is going to be. Some begin by dreaming up the perfect image of a man in their heads and dreaming of that fairy tale wedding, forgetting that after the wedding is when the real work begins. If you've created that image of the perfect man, the perfect marriage and the perfect future I'm here to tell you that you are setting your own self up for failure.

Let me begin by reminding you that there is no such thing as perfection, so let it go. Most of us were not taught how to love correctly, so we get into our adult years with expectations and no real foundation on what loving someone truly means. We may have been taught that the more possessions that a man buys you, the more it shows that he cares. This is definately not the case.

When you find that one person in this world that is truly for you, it won't be a constant struggle. It will just "feel" right. It won't be about the sex, the money, or what that person can give you. It will be about the time, the energy and the effort behind the actions.

If you've gone into the relationship with the "what can you do for me" mentality, then you've already lost. Relationships are about how you can help each other grow. Not about how much you can get from another person physically , mentally or otherwise. If you've found yourself on the vicious cycle of trying to see what other's can do for you then you will remain unhappy or end up alone in the end.

Healthy men won't deal with a woman who is all about themselves. Men are attracted to strong, intelligent women who communicate their needs. Not demand for things, with nothing to offer in return. Also, sex aint it ladies... remember men can get that anywhere so if that's all that you have to offer it's time to get yourself together. Men want the "whole" package too, just as women do. So if your focus is to do the bare minimum, while expecting the world from your partner then this may be why your relationships are either unhappy or don't last beyond the great sex you had in the beginning.

So ladies, let's lose the "ME" mentality today if you want to be on your way to creating a long, happy, healthy relationship. Remember, give and take is really a thing. The world does not revolve around any of us. We all need to do our part and stop putting all of our expectations out there without feeling as if we need to give anything other then the bare minimum. Relationships are hard work, but the right relationship will feel as if any struggle that comes your way is worth it as long as you have your partner by your side.

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