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The Power of Positive Thinking

These days it certainly feels a little tougher to remain positive but believe it or not, your daily thoughts absolutely play a role in how you feel. The power of the mind is amazing and when we learn how to stop, reset and refresh we're able to control how we feel inside. I was speaking with a friend today and reminded her of the power to “speak things into existence” in order to take charge of her own path in life. I for one am a person who easily over-thinks a situation and that's when I take a step back, take some deep breaths and breathe through the excessive thoughts going on in my mind. Meditation does wonders with allowing you to control your mind and take time out of the day to sit in silence allowing the mind to rest.

Back to what it means to speak things into existence. What I meant by this is if you develop the habit of daily positive affirmations you can improve your life and begin to take charge of your own destiny. However if you choose to think negatively or continue with self doubt you will in turn remain in that space. This doesn’t mean that everything will go your way if you just think really hard about it. That’s not how this works, you do need to put in the work and good things will follow. Believe in yourself and no matter how difficult or overwhelming things may be, positive thinking will always prevail.

You also need to remember that you attract what you are. If we are negative, unhealed and suffering on the inside then it will reflect from the outside. The law of attraction is a thing so be sure that you are surrounding yourself with positive, happy people and that you yourself are equally positive, happy and healed. The law of attraction “defines your ability to attract, into your life, what you focus on”. We need to keep this in mind when we’re choosing to remain around negative, unhealthy people. Energy is transferable so if you remain in this type of environment your mental health will suffer.

So some quick suggestions on improving your overall daily thoughts. Start by going through your social media. Are you following or attracted to a lot of the negativity that’s posted daily on numerous social media sites? If so, it’s time to clean up your social media. Cut back on the daily viewing of negativity and start to follow positive sites. You will instantly feel the difference with how you feel while you’re scrolling. Next, cut back on social media altogether and get back to the basics of doing what you love. Reading, journaling, poetry, music, cooking, gardening, puzzles, games or running in the park with your kids, anything productive to get your mind off of the negative aspects of the world. Lastly you need to move your body. Remember it takes a mere 21 days to form a habit so pick up the habit of daily movement. Whether it be a stroll around your neighborhood, yoga, bicycling, dancing to your favorite music, or running around the park with your kids, whatever gets you moving DO IT! Health is wealth and if we feel good on the inside it will start to show on the outside. One more thing is to start setting boundaries. If you realize after reading this that you are constantly surrounded by negative people then it’s time to set some boundaries and make it a priority to surround yourself with positive thinkers and feel how calm and peaceful your life will start to become.

Take care of YOU... Mind, Body & Breath!

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