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Todays times...

This election year 2020 has been definately been one that will be remembered. As this year comes to an close, you may have the feeling of uncertainty as the world seems to be filled with daily unknowns and negativity. This feeling can hender your continued progression if you let it. Take this time to disconnect for a bit. Disconnect from the chaos, the stress and the push to be angry over things that you may have no control over. As you slowly disconnect from the world, you will be able to reconnect to your own focus in Life. You will begin to grasp a firm knowledge of the things that you DO have control over.

First, figure out where it is that you want to be this time, next year. Pinpoint anything that is making you feel uneasy in your life and disconnect from that "thing". Write down the things that you've found that have brought you joy in these times of distress. Realize that perfection will never be, but satisfaction with your own Life is a way to begin clearing your confusion and strengthening your focus. Acknowledge that you do not have to do "this life" alone. It's time to reach out for support and to get back to feeling focused, happy and excited about Life

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