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True Happiness

Can you believe that it's already May?! How time flies while trying to survive a Pandemic! This past year has been overwhelming to say the least. Along with the added stress of everyday life that never stops, people are struggling with feelings of sadness, confusion and fear of the unknown. Just know that all of these feelings are normal. What makes the difference is how you react to all of the madness in the world. If you choose to feed into the chaos, you will definitely open the door to allowing the chaos to take over your life.

If you find yourself trying hard to find your happiness, I can tell you that this is where your first issue lies.

No matter what's going on in the world, happiness should not be a struggle. It should happens naturally when things in your life begin to come together and fall in place. If you find yourself using "things" to equate to happiness than once those things are gone... the happiness will follow. If you only find happiness in things such as money, alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, food or any tangible item that is used to cover up deeper issues, than you will never truly know, understand or feel what true happiness is.

This is where society gets lost. The perception that their value in life only equates in dollar amounts, affection or covering up real emotion with substances is why most people are left feeling unsatisfied with their lives. Continually chasing the wrong things instead of using this energy to find your true passions in life will leave you feeling empty in the end.This is one thing that I feel the pandemic did change in our society. It brought us all back to reality and showed us what really matters in the end.

We have to remember that happiness will never be achieved if you are continually just trying to fill the voids in your life. An example of filling a void would be people having children when they are clearly not prepared to raise a child. Another example would be covering up feelings with drugs or alcohol and calling that happiness. Chasing love in order to capture happiness is yet another example of setting yourself up for disappointment.

Happiness and peace come with time. Time, patience and effort on your part. The effort to create a life that's fulfilling. This comes with finding who you are. Most of us go about this the wrong way. We look for other people to "make" us happy. I'm here to tell you that it is absolutely no one else's job to make YOU happy. No one can do this but you. Not a boyfriend, husband, wife, girlfriend, children.... NO ONE but YOU!

So stop searching for happiness and start looking within yourself. Then and only then will you be on your way to true happiness, contentment and peace.

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