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Negativity is Toxic

Let 2023 be the year of cleansing negativity!

Take control of your thoughts, feelings and surroundings starting now.

Hello everyone it's been a while! We made it to 2023... another year, another deep breath and continued focus is where we all need to begin. It's been a rough few years to say the least for pretty much the entire world, but how we move forward is key to keeping our sanity intact. If you haven't found a way to step away from it all daily, be sure that you carve out that time to in fact do so. Whether it be silent deep breathing, listening to music, yoga, meditation, taking a walk around the neighborhood, working out, drawing, writing, whatever it may be just do it! YOU time is a must and without it we lose our sense of self. The world can be a stressful place so we have to decompress from the outside and make time for self.

Next lets talk about the amount of outside negative forces that we're surrounded by daily. Let's face it, negativity is everywhere. On the news, social media, in public, reality tv shows, podcasts, work, family, home..... pretty much every where we turn there's someone throwing their negative thoughts our way. So how do we get away from it? Well this is where you start to set those boundaries my friend. You turn off the tv and put on some of your favorite music. You put down your phone and pick up that book you've been meaning to read. You put your phone on silent and take the night off of hearing others drama. You don't answer that call, even if its that negative family member who you hate to hurt their feelings. Remember this is about you and your own sanity. It's okay to say no. Its okay not to answer. It's okay to set boundaries and let them be. ITS OKAY to put YOU first!

Boundaries are very much necessary for your own well-being and mental health.

Just remember this. People are who they are and there's no changing them. The only thing in life that we can control is our-self. So with that we have to protect our mental health and get away from those toxic people who are not on the same path as you may be. Get away from the ones who thrive off negativity and drama. No matter if it's family, friends, or acquaintances you don't owe anyone a damn thing. It's totally up to you to protect your mental health and peace. Wake up with the mindset that this life is so very short and today is the day I'm going to remind myself that boundaries are a necessary thing in my life in order to maintain my sanity and peaceful existence.

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Continued peaceful journeys to all!!

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