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Updated: Feb 27

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Hello all! If this is your first time visiting welcome, if you've been here since the beginning welcome back! This year I have added more services and wanted to provide some details with you today. I am now providing Independent facilitation services for persons with disabilities who are apart of the Regional Center system in California who are looking to transition into the Self determination Program (SDP). For those who have not heard about the program I urge you to request more information from your Regional Center service coordinator or read more info on your Regional Center site to see how you can take control of your own future budget needs.

Person Centered Planning:

If you and/or your family choose to transition into SDP and take that step to take control of your own future budget then you can start by working with an independent facilitator who can help you go over your needs by creating a person centered plan and creating a spending plan that allows you to live life on your terms. Providing you the ability to choose things such as exactly who you want to support you daily needs, services that supports needed, as well as creating long term goals that allow for growth and stability in your lives.

Start taking control of your future today.

Self Determination is now open to all Regional Center clients in California.

Self determination provides individuals and their families the freedom to CHOOSE. You will be provided the freedom, control and responsibility in choosing the services and supports that meet your individual needs. This allows individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities free will to make your own personal choices so that you are living life fully on your own terms, creating a budget that fits your individual needs.

I encourage you to read more into the SDP program and if this choice makes sense for you and your family then give me a call and I can help you make that transition.

For more information here is a link to the DDS website;

The cost of SDP is covered by the Regional Center as apart of your annual budget. For more information about Independent Facilitation you can also find me on the SDP Network listing below.

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